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NDIS Access Support

Assistance and support to access the NDIS for you or your loved ones

Since 2013, the NDIS has been enabling Australians who need supports for a multitude of different disabilities to not only fund those supports, but more importantly be in full control of what those supports actually are.

Reach Access Support helps you manage the process of getting onto the NDIS. We make sure you know what information you need to supply, help you to collate this information, assist you with documentation and forms, and make the process of getting on the NDIS a breeze.

Unlike some others, we manage the whole process from start to finish but make sure that you are not just included, but in fact the focus of it.
Reach Access Support is a free service for eligible participants.

"The things that make me different are the things that make me me"

— Whinnie The Pooh