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NDIS Access Support

Assistance and support to access the NDIS for you or your loved ones

As a matter of fairness, Reach believes every Australian who is eligible for NDIS funding should not be left behind or excluded due to a lengthy and often complex application process. That’s why we created NDIS Access Support, a free service designed to assist you or your loved one to become an NDIS participant, opening the door to the funding that can meet your needs and enable your goals. 

The NDIS enables Australians to receive funding for a multitude of different supports needed to ensure living with a disability is not a disadvantage. Sadly, many people who are eligible to receive NDIS funding have not signed up to this life changing scheme.

Why is this the case? The missing piece of the NDIS puzzle is that there is seldom any support available for the very first step – support to become an NDIS participant.

NDIS Access Support unlocks Reach’s NDIS expertise to help you manage the entire process from start to finish. We make sure you know exactly what documents, diagnoses, and application forms are required, and manage your application to ensure you not only get the strongest possible NDIS application, but also optimise your funding to best meet your needs.

We’ll talk with you about what your goals are and how your NDIS funding can help you pursue them to the fullest. We’ll also help you cut through the jargon and ensure you understand each step of the process without anything being missed.

Reach’s NDIS Access Support is the fastest and most effective way to become an NDIS participant. If you believe you might be eligible to get access to the NDIS, let Reach help you get the best possible outcome in your NDIS application.

"The things that make me different are the things that make me me"

— Whinnie The Pooh